Keep Your Floor Protected...

Damp proofing is needed if moisture is present in/on the subfloor as it can cause problems further down the line. An example of this would be the moisture causing the screed to blow as it can not properly key to the subfloor, which instead of showing a smooth sound finish to your floor there will be visible humps and an uneven surface, making it critical that we make sure no moisture is present.


How Do We Check Moisture Levels?

This is the Protimeter MMS2 -:

We use only the finest specialised equipment to measure moisture levels in the subfloor. The Protimeter MMS2 (Moisture Measurement System) is a complete moisture measurement device for use in many different building related industries. The Protimeter MMS2 represents the latest Protimeter technology in one intuitive, robust and fully functional design.


How Do We Solve It?

By damp proofing the floor! This is Mapeproof ESM Surface Membrane -:

Two-component, solvent-free, one or two coat pure epoxy resin, used as a moisture barrier on cement based substrates with residual or static moisture. Very low odour, ideal for use in inhabited areas, hospitals, schools etc.

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